bingoThe bingo played all over the world. This is a simple game and everyone can learn to play. There you do not need to memorize complex rules and strategies. The essence of the game is in generating of random numbers and a strikeout of their using game cards (tickets) by players. The winner is one who lucky first cross out every number in a certain range, scheme or entire card. By playing bingo, a player, in principle, can enhance chances of winning.

The rules of the bingo online are the same as in traditional. The only difference is that there are several versions of the game in the Internet, offered on the individual websites at the same time. Variants with 75 and 90 balls usually offered. The bingo with 90 balls used tickets with nine vertical rows and three horizontal. Coincidence of all the numbers in one, two, or three lines considered as a winning. This is the British version, which is most prevalent in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

The American version is popular in other countries. It have represented by 75 balls and tickets with the game grid of 5 x 5 cells. Winning is a match of all numbers in a vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines, or the proposed scheme. This configuration of the game grid allows you to use all kinds of schemes (templates), which there are more than 300 species!

Some websites offer a new kind of the bingo for 80 balls (this version is similar to the game for 75 balls with the tickets marking of 4 x 4 – 16 cells).

You can play the bingo at the following websites:

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