Bonus hunters

 There are plenty of types of bonus hunters, such definition is not only applicable to online casinos, but also to other areas where you can get an advantage and earn money by using bonuses. In this article, I naturally talk about bonus hunters in the online casino.

So, I’d start with a variety of bonus hunters. The point is that the bonus hunters are divided into 2 groups: fans, who receive bonuses legally, and professionals, who create a bunch of accounts to abuse the casino and to profit from them.

For example, this is John, a bonus hunter. He loves to play the casino, but never plays without a good bonus (first deposit, reload, etc.). So, he can take no deposit bonuses in all casinos that give them, then he can take bonuses on deposit and so on. John uses his own documents and never breaks the rules of the casino.

Casinos are comfortable with such players, I can’t say that casinos like them (as the players do not play without benefits), but the players don’t do anything wrong and operate within the rules.

Now look at another bonus hunter, Mike. A new casino open its doors and offers no deposit bonus for new players. Pete has 100 sets of documents for different people, VPN, Virtual Machine (if you don’t know what they mean, google them and read about them).

What does he do? Naturally, he signs up plenty of accounts, trying to launder bonus and withdraw funds. Simply put, he will outplay the casino until it stops giving free poker money or catches him. The point is that Mike is a professional and it is extremely difficult to catch him, and moreover, he has all documents.. But casinos often ask for a photo with your passport in your hand, and so on.

You could hardly see complaints from professional bonus hunters on forums, because when a hunter betray himself, he go to another casino.

I should note that newcomers generally begin solely with the free poker money. Smart professionals play in all the casinos that offer good first deposit bonus and high enough bet. Let’s say, wager bonus with no more than 40x and with a bet of not less than $10 per spin.

And there is also a bonus hunter Greg, who still goes to school. Having googled some articles on bonus hunting, he tries to make a bunch of accounts without changing his IP, but just opening Chrome in the anonymous mode and using the same provider or any Hola. He starts signing upbunch of accounts with his computer in every casino that has a decent bonus. When Greg is caught, he begins to scream and squirm like a cat on hot bricks.

99% of the complaints in the Internet comes from such Gregos. I think everyone has ever read a story a la “I drank with my friend, we created an account, won money and our account was blocked. Casino scam!

As for me, I am not a bonus hunter and I never was, so I naturally don’t know all the details. I’ve heard that beginners who abuse free poker money can earn $1,000-$3,000 per month, and I can’t imagine how much professionals earn. So guys, if anyone has more interesting information, write it in the comments.

My opinion (as a player) about first type bonus hunters is positive, but as for those who create a bunch of accounts, my opinion is negative. Because of these players, other ones are often blocked or some problems appear, tasty bonuses are cut and so on.

In general, if you are eager to play casino and have no idea what is a first deposit bonus, it’s better to play without any bonuses! As the saying goes: no bonuses — no problem!



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