Casino Bonus

In fact, these bonuses aren’t so simple as they seem at first glance, sometimes bonus does more harm than good.

So, let’s start from the beginning. As usual, the offer of the first bonus deposit is like that: % UNDER SUM, for example 100% under $200

The point is that you are given a 100% bonus on your deposit, but no more than $ 200.

Getting the bonus is often automatic, normal casinos usually ask you whether you want to get the bonus or not. So, before making a deposit at the casino, first carefully read the information on the first deposit bonus, as there are many nuances.

1. Bonus Type

There are several bonuse types, the most important thing is to learn what will happen after the bonus wagering conditions! If the bonus remains and can be withdrawed, it is a normal bonus. If you have to wager the bonus, but can’t withdraw it (like in the PlayTech casino), it is better not to take such a bonus! Yet there is a type of bonus that is simply given, but it is not necessary to wager it, and you can withdraw all that excess bonus. This is the coolest type of the bonus, I think, such bonus is iven in Stargames or Quasar.

2. The wagering conditions

You should go to the tab Bonuses and read the terms of bonus wagering, or you can ask it in a live chat. You need to look carefully at the following parameters:

— Wager — is how many times you have to put down the amount of wagering for the bonus, usually 20-40, if it’s more than 40, it is better not to take a bonus

— Max bet — if you break the max bet while bonus wagering, all your winnings and bonuses can be confiscated

— Prohibited games — games that don’t allow you to launder the bonus, usually you can’t launder it in jackpot slots etc.

3. How to check the percentage of laundering the bonus

The information about how much you need to wager is usually on the tap Bonus in normal casinos, or this information can be clarified in the online chat. In general, if you are playing in normal casinos , everything will be OK with bonus. But crappy casinos often give a bonus without asking, and they have a bunch of conditions that are very easy to break and can deprive a player of his winning. Play only in good casinos!


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