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Top 6 Gambling Movies to Help Improve Your Wager Tactics

Players are always interested in learning something new that can help them up the odds in their favor. Regardless of whether they are more or less talented, there is always a need to win bigger. Although it might seem funny at first, there are many things we have learnt from the movies, so why not put this medium to greater use.

The following movies may not be able to provide a full-proofed Dunder casino review, but there are just enough storylines to cover matters such as strategy, integrity and gambling prowess.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid

While the motion picture might seem a bit outdated, this movie still covers some universal and highly active topics in today’s 21th century gambling practices. It provides valuable insight about poker, but that is where all the fun stops. Still, there is a multitude of other options, should you choose to explore it.



This is yet another movie that follows the journey of poker players, a law student who is very good at poker and his friend, to be more exact. The movie starts off by having Mike lose most of the games, but after realizing he needs to help his friend – there is nothing that can stop his poker magic.



The story of the MIT team that wiped out entire casinos has been widely told and exploited, mainly due to the fact that it provides some variety as opposed to the previous two movies. These students, led by the professor in charge – Kevin Spacey, have developed an advanced card counting technique so as to ensure maximum payout.

Nonetheless, it is important to point out that you should not expect the same possibility at online casinos – the Joreels review alone can introduce you to the safety measures and precautions.


This movie is based on the real life and work of Frank Rozenthal who used to run three mob-oriented casinos at Las Vegas. The movie got its release sometime around the nineties, thus allowing its viewers witness the acting excellence of Robert DeNiro’s prime years. His character, Sam Rothstein undergoes all kinds of threats and oppression, and this way of living and managing his affairs is set to contrast the modern appearance of Las Vegas business-like gambling industry and the mob-related operations of those days.

Casino Royale

Although this sequel in the story about agent 007, Mr. James Bond, still largely covers the topics you expect to find – villains, punishment, inflicting physical pain and of course, never-ending daredevil-like action. However, this particular movie has the main character, portrayed by Daniel Craig, in a poker head-to-head battle whose unexpected turns and most unbelievable ending will serve you as valuable insight into the workings of the poker deck.


The Gambler

While the other movies mainly rely on their gambling action when appealing to the audience, The Gambler is known to draw viewers’ attention to a different aspect. Following the story of a professor ruining his career, the movie aims to portray the true consequences of gambling and developing an addiction for it.

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