Live casino

What is a live casino?

live casino

Many people remember the days of real casino gambling halls and probably miss them. If you only heard about them, you probably would like to see everything with your own eyes. The live online casino will in part allow you to do this.

You are at home, at work, at a party, or any other place where you can comfortably gamble; you turn on and play an online casino with live dealers. There are specially equipped halls in online casinos with real gambling tables and female dealers, where the whole process of the game occurs. Video Casino broadcasts videos from its gambling studio to your computer. There are many other players aside from you at the gambling tables at the same time, but you do not see each other, only the tables and the dealer through a large number of webcams. For your convenience, you can switch from one camera to another at any time and closely monitor the process of the game.

What could be better than visiting a real casino without leaving home? It is also noteworthy that your bets depend on the real dealer spins instead of a random number generator, which eliminates the possibility of fraud. After trying this once, you will certainly agree that this game is much more interesting and brighter than a usual game in the online casino. Despite the fact that communication and gameplay (placing bets) occur through graphical interface, the thrill of the game is the most realistic and as close as possible to the game in a real casino.

Advantages of video casino

  • The game is played with real gambling equipment and a live dealer casino rather than the automatic program;
  • The gambler can see all dealer’s actions, spins and movement of the ball, place bets, hear the sound of shuffling cards, etc. through a video broadcast;
  • Broadcast of dealing is real-time, which eliminates the options of unfair behavior on the part of the casino;
  • Vivid emotions and realistic atmosphere of a casino live with a live dealer casino without leaving home;
  • Control: you will not have to be distracted by other players’ talk, as is the case in a casino live, which will allow you to be more focused, avoid stupid mistakes, remain in a good gambling rhythm for a long time. It is much easier to gamble using the verified strategies and control your bankroll;
  • Positive. There are people next to you in a real casino who may lose from time to time and translate the negative aura and mood around, which can be immediately felt and cause inconvenience. The video casino fully protects you against the external negative influences;
  • Comfort: you do not need to monitor your external behavior and image in a land-based casino. You will not experience any discomfort when gambling at a small stake, for example. You can gamble from any comfortable place. Anonymity of gambling from the live casino allows any player with any deposit to feel confidence and enjoy.

Why is live casino so popular?

This is a subjective concept, but the surveys and researches made it clear that it is much more interesting for the gamblers to watch the game taking place in real time than just placing bets in the usual online casinos. Clients of the video casino can get a taste of excitement and monitor the work of dealers. The online casinos with live dealers allow to feel a real euphoria from happening, place the highest or the lowest bets, and live through special moments of excitement and enjoy it.

This place is also ideal for those who believe that the electronic online casinos are not able to play the game honestly. Online casinos with live dealer lay their cards on the table and allow to look into the process of determining the winner and excitedly watch a dealer or a ball. You can move from camera to camera and watch every move. It creates the effect of presence and the impression that you really are in the gambling hall and play the best game of your life!


The live casino will allow you to connect with history, real bets and gaming. Professionals prefer playing live dealer casino games, because they know that such game is the most fair and exciting. The goal of each gambler is not just to win, but also to feel the atmosphere and enjoy. A classic game is much more boring and sometimes predictable if we compare it with “live”, so there is nothing surprising in the popularity of the live casino. Such games are particularly pleasing for men because the dealers are often girls with a model look. Who would refuse to play with a beauty? Video casino is guaranteed to be a fair game that will give you vivid emotions!

You can play the following games in live casinos:

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