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Among all gambling games poker is the leading one according to the amount of its participants. Also poker is considered to be a leading gambling game according to the rate of winning amount, played there. One can count a huge quantity of poker varities, but the most popular one is Texas Holdem, and the second place has Omaha Hi. The quantity of establishments (so called Poker rooms) where to play is quite large. Also there is an opportunity to play free of charge or for money depending on the size of limits.

Poker rules  are very simple and they may become clear to the first timer just for 10 minutes.

Poker strategies

Nowadays there is a multitude of poker strategies. There are a lot of books, essays, free training programs. On our website you can find the whole collection of no limit poker strategies that you can use while playing at some of the best US poker sites.

You may play poker on the following websites:

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