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rouletteRoulette online is for sure one of the top popular and all time favourite contemporary online gambling games. It’s quite hard to imagine the work of a casino without a Roulette.

Notwithstanding that it had already passed a lot of years since the moment when Roulette was created, its rules and form remained to be almost unchanged. Roulette consists of 2 parts: wheel and gambling zone for placing bets. The wheel contains slots of black and red color, placed alternatively (18 red and 18 black). The slots are enumerated from 1 to 36, but not one by one, as there is one more slot of green color with 0 number. American Roulette contains the second green slot, having the numbers 00 and it is called double zero. If to combine all the numbers of Roulette altogether, we will get the sum of 666, and because of this fact Roulette is famous under the name of “Beast Wheel”. Gambling zone contains all the numbers and is subdivided into sectors and serves for placing bets.

As the bets are placed, Roulette starts whirling and the marble starts countermoving along the rotation course of Roulette disk. The marble needs to countermove not less than three full rotation circles of Roulette disk and then it falls into the one of the slots, engaging the eyes of the challenging players and in such a way deciding their fate.

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General description

It is quite hard to say today, which of the countries may be called a forebear of Roulette online, because the game exists already a so long period of time, that the mystery of its origin fell of the edge of the Earth. But still there is a theory, which nowadays considered to be as the most likely one. This theory is connected with the name of French mathematician and philosopher of XVII century Blaise Pascal. He tried to invent eternal engine, but he invented the wheel, which provided the basis for the creation of future gambling game. In such a way, a precious idea was turned into commercial purpose.

The first prototype of Casino Roulette appeared in France already in 18th century and was called “Khoka” and was represented by simple wheel with slots for marbles. This type of Roulette was quite profitable, because among 40 slots there were three “zero” numbers in the wheel. And as it is kommonly known when the marble falls into “zero” slot, gambling establishments withdraw the winning amount. Leisure venues of that time were really popular due to “Khoka” game.

In England there appeared some other variant of Roulette game, and it was called “odd or even”. This type of game was quite popular in XVIII century among the womenfolk of Old England, because it was actually easy to count a winning amount and playing rules were the simplest ones. That sort of a game had the same as contemporary Roulette has, namely rotating wheel, marbles, and slots with the numbers, but it had just other marking. Even and odd bets were marked with different letters. And the players had to choose which of the bets (odd or even) casino could take away. A noble game helped lonely ladies to spend wailsome weekdays.

In the meantime in XVIII century was developed a modern variant of Roulette game. The first casino with Roulette game in Paris gained the affection of hundred thousands players. But the French Revolution led to prohibition against gambling games. Napoleon had returned the game and Roulette playing rules back to casinos, but in 1839 all gambling houses of France were actually closed. Therefore, Europe threw open the doors of all gambling establishments to play this simple and fascinating game. Gradually the wheel started having just one “zero” number, but casinos still continued to benefit. So, what exactly drew the attention of the majority of gambling establishments to install Fortune’s wheel?

Simple Roulette, which playing rules can be remembered from the first time. It consists of gambling table, rotating wheel, gambling zone to place bets and bounding marble. The numbers in the slots of the wheel stand in a random orde, but there are all the numbers from 1 to 36. The slots are of black and red colors, there is only a “zero” number, having green slot. The same numbers from 1 to 36 are grouped on the gambling field in 3 columns, having 12 numbers each. “Zero” number is actually placed above the numbers 1,2,3. Roulette playing rules allow placing bets not only for the numbers given, but actually for red and black, the great and the little. Also the player has an opportunity to place odd or even bets, or to place bet for a certain number and so on. Due to its huge variety Roulette online is such a fascinating and available game today.

European Roulete playing rules

European Roulette absolutely answers the description written above. It has the same 36 numbers and just one “zero”. The gambling field of European Roulette consists of the numbers of red or black color, placed in three columns in a total arithmetic cross reference. European playing rules allow placing bets for red and black, the great and the little, odd or even. Such bets are generally called “equal odds”. Dozen bets goes under “equal odds”.

American Roulette

American Roulette playing rules slightly differ from the European ones. First, it has 38 numbers and besides “zero” it has “double zero” as well. Bet sectors go not in the same order as in European Roulette. Near the columns there are also dozen bets available and further there are equal odds bets, and the sectors “zero” and “double zero” goes above the columns. The players are also able to place bets for the numbers in the bottom part.

French Roulette

French Roulette playing rules have one more significant difference: if “zero” falls out, the player gets the half of his bets placed for equal odds. Upon the other variants, in cases when “zero” fell out, the players placed special bet for equal odds, which symbolized the bet “in prison”. And this bet played only in the next tour. So, if to play according to the rules of French Roulette, you will be able to get the half of your bets back.

Roulette bets

In casino, the croupier starts countermoving the marble and declares aboput the beginning of placing bets. The players place bets before the moment the croupier declares about the closure of placing bets. When the marble falls into the slot and stops countermoving, the croupier marks the winning bet onto the gambling field, takes away the loosing bets and pays the winning amount. The winning bet isn’t taken away from the gambling field, and the winner gets the counters he won. Here are some of the internal bets:

Strait Up – for 1 number;

Split – for 2 numbers;

For 3 numbers plus “zero”;

Corner – for 4 numbers;

Street – for 3 numbers, which are in the lateral line;

Six Line – for 6 numbers, which are in the lateral lines;

First Four – for 4 numbers, starting with 0.

External bets include bets for a column, odd or even bets, dozen bets, bets for red and black, bets for the great and the little number.

Roulette specific features

If you have decided to spend your time for some light gambling, or to get enjoyable winning amount or just to be in a good mood, try playing French Roulette, as it is the most profitable one. If you have decided to try a fall with the rules and prove that you are a real fortune’s darling try playing American Roulette, as it is much harder and isn’t always profitable. Have you understood the rules? If yes, let’s hurry and go for it on the walk of dynamic and gambling amusement!

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