RTP (return to player) slots NetEnt

If you play slots, your success mainly depends on RTP (return to player), or, in other words, the percentage of payments. Winnings in slots depend solely on luck, here you can not use any strategy to achieve an advantage over the casino as it is possible, for example, in blackjack. All that that is lacking is to find slots with the highest payout percentage to get the greatest possible advantage.

What Is Payout Percentage (Return to Player)?

Payout percentage is a theoretical statistical value, indicating how much money from your bet will be paid out as winnings for a certain period of time in a particular game. We should understand that we are talking about the long run. Of course, in one spin you can lose, or, conversely, hit the jackpot and win a lot, but in the long run, with a large number of spins, win percentage in relation to the amount of bets is close to this value. Moreover, the longer the distance is, the better your winnings match the theoretical value of the payout percentage.

Let’s look at one example to make it clearer. For example, the slot in which you play has a payout percentage of 95%. You like this slot and play it quite a lot. The total amount of your bets is about $1,000. In such case, your expected winning at a specified distance will be $950, and it can be a series of small winnings ore one or two large ones. Like that, if we talk conditionally, works the system of payout percentage.

Payout percentage and the advantage of casino

We will not delve into statistics and mathematics, which are the base of payout percentage, but we will try to understand how this is reflected in the tables of slot machines payout.

The payout table is a list of winning combinations that can appear on the reels, with an indication of the number of credits that must be paid for the combination. To understand how much exactly you can win, you just need to multiply the payout for the combination by the value of the credit on which you play.

Does this mean that the machines are “tampered” and the game is not fair? Not at all. Combinations are completely random. Each symbol can appear with exactly the same probability as another one. The result of the spin can not be conjectured, it is random. Mathematical expectation of the casino is strictly tied to mathematical and statistical indicators, as well as in any other game against the casino.

Maximization of payout percentage

Despite the fact that there aren’t any strategies to reach mathematical advantage against the casino when playing the slots, there are ways to maximize the return percentage and the maximum chance of winning.

The first thing you should do is to look at the payout percentage (RTP) for specific games in your casino. Usually, this information is easily accessible and is presented on a special page for all the games, or in the description of a particular slot. If the casino does not provide this information, use the Google, because most of the slots are produced by the same providers, despite the fact that they are represented in many casinos. You can easily find the game with the maximum payout percentage, and in order to help you, below we present five slots by NetEnt with maximum efficiency.

The second thing to do is to choose a good casino. Pay attention to the reputation of the casino on the forums, to the availability of licenses, and so on. Currently, the Internet presents a huge number of casinos that do not have licenses and certifications from regulatory authorities. Needless to say, the percentage of payments in such dubious casinos can be significantly lower.

The third thing you should notice is the size of the maximum possible bet. The higher the maximum possible bet is, the higher payout percentage is. Avoid playing in slot machines with a low limit of the maximum bets, and select those where the maximum possible bet of as high as possible.

And the last. Play the maximum. Put MAX BET. It does not matter whether it’s 5 credits for one cent or 10 credits for $10. The point is that most machines, if they have the jackpot, give that same jackpot only when you play at the maximum bet. Jackpot “eats” a fairly substantial part of your mathematical expectation of winning, and depriving yourself of the opportunity to win the jackpot, you deprive yourself of a substantial part of the return of the gaming machine.

Top 5 slots by NetEnt with the maximum payout percentage

Now you understand the importance of the RTP concept, that’s why we give you five slots by NetEnt with the maximum payout percentage:

Blood Suckers: 98% RTP

Kings of Chicago: 97.8% RTP

Devil’s Delight: 97.6% RTP

Simsalabim: 97.5% RTP

Zombies: 97.2% RTP

These slots have a really high percentage of payments in comparison with others, so they are worth playing.

5 Worst slots by NetEnt in terms of payout percentage

Of course, you would not like to play slots with a little chance of winning, so don’t waste your time on these machines by NetEnt:

Relic Raiders: 90% RTP

Super Lucky Frog: 93% RTP

Tiki Wonders: 93.2%

Tales of Krakow: 93.3%

Fortune Teller: 93.3%

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