SkillonnetSkillOnNet company was founded in 2005. Currently, more than 12 casinos are working on SkillOnNet platform. However, there are strong reason to believe that the company management has the ability to affect the operation of the casino.

Since 2009, there has been a lot of topics on CasinoMeister forum that has given evidence of tampered software, non-payment due to violations of the rules and unethical bonus policy.

Authoritative website The Pogg conducted its own testing of doubling function in video poker, which only confirmed the validity of the accusations of dishonesty. Having given the resultats to SkillOnNet, in a couple of days they received the answer, which said that the company had carried out their own tests and had assured of absolute honesty of the platform. After this letter, it was decided to hold the second test. The results were very surprising to the authors, as everything appeared to be completely normal. It suggests the possibility of changes in settings of the SkillOnNet software, though it is equally obvious that all the casinos on the SkillOnNet platform use this ability for their own benefit, and in case of checks or tests they simply restore the default values.

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