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Playing rules of gambling slot machines

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Gambling slot machine is the special machine, having a lot of variations, though working at the same principle.

Game purpose

The aim of the game is to get a set of combinations for the fixed period of time, providing the player with winning amount according to the gaming rules.

The working principle of gambling slot machines

If the first gambling machines were actually mechanic, while as the modern slot machines have the form of computer with the generator of random numbers. The player sees the screen with a drum, turning round, and which displays the symbols of different kind like pictures, numbers and so on. Generally gambling slot machines have from 3 to 5 drums and the symbols of each drum represent the subject matter of a gambling slot machine. Also, except the usual symbols, the drums of a gambling slot machine may display scatter symbols, bonus symbols, joker symbols or image replacing symbols.

Also, a gambling slot machine contains the table with a various information like account balance, received bonuses, including control buttons and so on. In most cases the signs onto the gambling slot machines are in English language, so it doesn’t hurt to have a look at them. Here is just a little list:

Play or Spin is the button, turning the drums round.

Coins or Bet Per Line is a stake button, which determines the amount of coins, deposited into the single payline. It is possible to choose the required stake by repeated press of the button, following which the credits are added and are displayed into the corresponding table.

Line Bet or Select Lines is a button to choose the required number of paylines. Each press of this button increases the number of paylines for one more. After the highest number is reached, the following press of the button starts counting the paylines from the very beginning.

Max Bet is the button, setting up the highest stake within one press. Maximum quantity of the coins need to be deposited into each payline.

Denomination is the button, setting up the value of one credit.

Help or Paytable is the button, displaying the gaming rules and the table of your pay-outs on the screen.

Gamble or Double is the button, activating additional round of a game (not connected with the main game), which makes possible to increase the winning amount. The given button works only in cases when the player gets his prize for the combination occurred.

Hold is a button, which stops the drum, placed opposite.

Playing rules of gambling slot machines

The first rule is to deposit money into the gambling slot machine. The money can be deposited by charging of credits, cash lodgements or by using loyalty card. Now playing a game may be started.

The player chooses the sum of a stake, the number of paylines on the screen and then presses Play button. Some gambling slot machines contain the lever, making all the drums to turn round. When the drums stop, the screen displays a random combination of number or symbols. If the player has a winning combination, he will see a winning amount in Win window. Now the player needs to decide whether to pay out his prize money or to try to increase it by press of Gambling button.

Playing rules of gambling slot machines includes jackpots, pay-outs and bonuses. The variety of winning combinations is very huge, and that it’s hard to discuss each of the combinations separately. It is possible to perform the general analysis according to the variety of winning combinations.

Payline outpayment is performed in cases when the paylines have the number of similar symbols as it is provisioned by playing rules.

Bonus symbols – if the symbols of this group are displayed on the screen, it means the start of bonus game, including free spines, different prices, introduction of joker symbols and so on.

Payments for scatter symbols are performed in cases when 2 or more symbols are displayed in any zone of the screen.  In this case the winning amount is calculated by multiplication of a certain pay-out rate by amount of a basic stake.

Accumulative bonus options are provided by not every gambling slot machine. But if such an option is provided, then the player will get the bonuses automatically untill he gets a certain sum, following which the player gets the credits on his account and bonus game starts.

Jackpot is the biggest outpayment in the game. There exist two types of jackpots: fixed or progressive. In the first case, the player can get just the fixed winning amount for some certain combinations ocurred. In the second case, each next stake of the player increases the amount of jackpot for some certain sum.


Gambling slot machines which rules are quite easy to remember have their own varities. The classic slot has 3 drums and 1 payline, but nowadays it is actually possible to find out the slot machines with a quantity of drums, starting from 5 and up to 9. The gambling machines of a such type provide a lot of paylines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) with hundreds of symbol combinations. These slot machines are also classified according to the amount of bonuses, jackpots and according to some other criteria as well.

The basics of playing strategy

It is actually impossible to develop any winning system working for slot machines, because these machines have some fixed percent of outpayments, which can’t be changed (by fair means). In this regard we recommend you to have an attentive look at pay table, not to be in a hurry with setting up of a stake and to be careful with your own costs. Everybody who wants try hand at playing the best gambling slot machines is welcome!

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