Top 5 NetEnt slots

Bilbao decided to start a column on the top slots in the blog, he decided it was better to make a top on software manufacturers. Let’s begin with NetEnt. I want to note that now I choose the slots that played in last year, I do not know why, but the old slots like Excalibur that used to be great has been dead for a long time, so I make a top list of the slots that I really play in now.

So, let’s start from the end.

5th — Disco Spins


Cool slot, I like to launder bonus there, bonus policy is also good. In general, check it out.

4th — South Park


To begin with, it is my favorite multiplayer, the slot is also cool, though it’s not so great, I don’t really like all the bonus, in general I don’t like the bonus where you need to click by yourself, I prefer the computer to do it for you, ‘cause anyway the choice doesn’t depend on you.

3th — Gonzo Quest


When it appeared at the beginning, it was a hit, and the return was probably more than 100%) Because it gave everything, now it can give you a good sum sometimes, I like to do a few spins with high bets.

2ndh — Space Wars


It was the first slot where I had very big winnings. The slot is solely for a tilt playing with high bets, I think there’s no sense in playing with small bets, since the trick is in respins.

1st – Dead or Alive


This slot is really legendary and the most popular. This slot is the most dispersive of all N slots, the reason everyone loves it. To tell the truth, I never won more than x700, but I hope everything is ahead and one day it would give me x5000 at a bet of 36 xD

p.s. I think many of you will ask why I haven’t included such slots as StarBurst or Creature from the Black Lagoon — I just didn’t like them.

p.p.s. Write down your favourite NetEnt slot!

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