Top 5 Novomatic slots

It’s the time to choose my 5 favorite Novomatic slots. Actually, there are a lot of slots in the original Novomatic, I think I’ve played only in 30-40% of all the slots, so the rating may not be correct. But as I need to make it, let’s go! But before it, let me mention that the slot version doesn’t matter, whether it’s deluxe or simple, I’ll just indicate the name.

5. Dolphin pearl /deluxe— a cool slot, the whole point is in the bonus game, where you can still catch a lot respins etc., but I personally never had any luck in this slot, so I give him the 5th place.


4. Katana— slot on the samurai theme (it’s evident because of the name), a cool bonus game, you can also catch a bunch of wild column, I like to launder bonus on this slot, it’s not so dispersive as Book of Ra.


3. Golden Ark /deluxe— it is almost a pure copy of Book of Ra, but with other animation, the point is the same: 3 books and a bonus, but with a man instead of a woman.


2. Lucky lady charm /deluxe— very cool slot, you need to catch a bonus game as well as a wild, in Novomatic I usually play 2 slots one by one, this one and that one which took the first place.


1. Book of Ra / deluxe— for me and for many other people it is probably the most legendary slot, I think I don’t need to tell about it, everybody knows about it, but 99% of Book of Ra on the Internet is a stupid script forgery. The very point of the slot is simple: you need to catch 3 or more books, and then pray! It can give you a fuckload of stuff, but most often it will scarf up everything.


And what are your favorite slots? I emphasize that I am talking about the original Novomatic, and not about different shit scripts!

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