Which Casino Game Suits Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Casino Game Suits Your Zodiac Sign?

A person’s zodiac sign is determined on the basis of their date of birth, and are said to influence one’s life in ways that cannot be clearly explained and understood. Divided in four groups of three signs, they denote the elements Fire – Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, Earth – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, Water – Cancer, Scorpio and Pieces, and the element of Air, represented by Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.

Online gambling platforms like casino.netbet.co.uk that provide a wide game range can be rather confusing for the average amateur gambler. In order to guide you through such a selection, we have made the choice for you, based on the characteristics of the zodiacs.


  • Fire Signs

Aries – Those belonging to this sign are likely to show a bit of a temperament. This is best used in poker rooms, as these signs are likely to indulge their adventurous spirit and their ever-working brain to employing the most profitable poker strategies.

Leo – Table games seem to be the forte for fire signs in general, as those born under Leo are advised to switch between poker and blackjack.

Sagittarius – These people are just as likely to enjoy such table games, although they wouldn’t mind taking an aim at the jackpots and bonuses at some of the slot games as well.


  • Earth Signs

Taurus – These people are known to keep a small and close company, which is why they are likely to enjoy the individuality of poker and blackjack.

Virgo – Poker and blackjack, and a selection of their personal favorites from the table game selection are best for Virgos’ detail-driven and prudent profile.

Capricorn – In the spirit of all earth signs, Capricorns are the least likely to waste away their hard-earned cash. If they do so, it’s most likely they’ll choose a combination of low risk and high payouts.


  • Water Signs

Cancer – People born under this water sign are better off with low risks, making penny slots a source of harmless fun.

Scorpio – Any game eligible for an extra bonus or other offer is on the Scorpio’s radar – they like the hunt and will do anything to fight until victory.

Pieces – They are rather reserved and able to hold a bluff for longer than most other signs. Hence, poker and similar games which would require a dose of facial composure fit them the most.


  • Air Signs

Libra – The games of roulette and slots carry quite a lot of risk in most their wagers. Those belonging to this zodiac sign are most likely to handle such situations with a clear head and a chance at profiting.

Gemini – The same games would fit a Gemini, but for different reasons. The thrill of the risk mentioned above is what could hold their ever-changing interest.

Aquarius – Ultimately, these people remain true to the games preferred by their related zodiacs. A game of roulette and slots provides just the right amount of uncertainty and lack of rules to attract the rebellious Aquarius.





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