Why You Need an Online Casino with Fast Payouts

Let’s be honest about online gambling for a moment.

We love the games, we love the choice, we love the convenience. But most of all we love the speed. And a casino that offers all of the above and then leaves you hanging for weeks to collect your winnings is on to a loser with players.

And speed plays into most of those other plusses. Making playing convenient and the choice of going to another site much easier. It’s also a sure sign of a company that is doing the right thing by their players and providing a safe and secure service.

Everyone accepts that an online casino has its own systems to follow. And there are often legal reasons for checking on big payments – online gambling is a favourite way for money launderers to clean their cash.

But for an honest payer collecting a modest amount and with today’s technology there’s really no reason why a player should have to wait for payment.

As ever, there are choices to be made and payoffs to those choices, but we know that players value speedy pay-outs as much as they value convenient pay-out methods.

This is where online wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and Ecopayz are coming into their own. Many casinos offer instant withdrawals into these payment methods.

So you must make your choice. Payments to a bank account by wire transfer will take longer but will not attract the same level of charging and come with the security risk of linking your account to another site. Payments by cheque are super safe and very cheap but take even longer.

Some casinos will allow you to deposit into an account via a method by which you cannot withdraw cash. Some will attach quite long waits to payments.

This is a generalisation, but at some of the fastest paying casinos, you should expect to receive payments instantly or within the hour for online wallets. If you want it credited via a debit card – Visa is by far the most popular, followed by MasterCard – account then you could be waiting for 24-hours or more. Payment into your bank account could take a few days.

In fact, a bit of a wait for a payment could be a good sign because it means the casino is doing due diligence on the legalities of your win. This is particularly true if you’re lucky enough to win a really big jackpot. It’s right that all the details are checked in cases like this.

But you don’t have to spend too long in online casino forums to find plenty of complaints about unexplained delays to payments that are best explained by the casino’s wish to keep cash in their account as long as possible.

At Winning At Online Casinos,  we want you to play fair and enjoy your gaming with sites that offer fair, legal services and great gaming experiences. Fast pay-outs are an important part of that equation and you can find out who meets our standards in our casino reviews.

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